Is this Adulthood?

I don’t know why children, preteens, teenagers, and young adults rush to adulthood. I am currently in the category of young adult and am just now realizing how unprepared I am for being a self-supported adult. I am half-way through my college career and just completed my first phone interview. The interview in itself wasn’t too intimidating. There were the typical questions: What are your weakness? Do you have any communication horror stories that you learned from? Do you have any questions so far?

To every question I was asked, I never had a complete answer. No, I never had any questions. In my opinion, he described everything perfectly to me. Why is there so much pressure to have a question? This led me to ask silly questions that seemed unimportant from the moment it left my lips. Do I have any horror stories? The moments with customers that do not deem well, I usually tend to forget. I do not have specific moments of growth ready to explain. All in all, I would give my first phone interview a solid 7/10.

Is this the beginning of my adult life? Awkward phone interviews? By this time today, I have showered, made coffee, had a phone interview, emailed professors, and have begun a blog. My seventeen year old brother has yet to crawl out of bed.

I yearn for the days where I was content with watching Netflix all night, sleeping in all day, and waking up to finish my summer reading. Now, I am tired by 9pm and I am only twenty. I can’t even legally have a drink yet but I am expected to maintain a job, do well in school, pay bills, and make adult decisions. Well, in my opinion, doing all of these things successfully deserves a drink! Maybe two!

Our elders expect us to act as if we are thirty but then speak to us as though we don’t understand what it will be like in the future. I am not saying all of this to complain, I enjoy the benefits of not having a full-time career, not having to pay all of my bills alone, and not having full responsibility of everything in my life. I am just saying that the college students in their last two years of school need more credit. We may not be ‘adult’ yet but we sure are pretty darn close.

Later today I have to endure a second phone interview and Monday I have an in-person one. My brother will probably sleep through those too.


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